Frequently Asked Questions


When was NDCA founded?

Newmarket & District Christian Academy was founded in 1979 by a group of local parents. At the time, there were not many options for Christian education in York Region. NDCA began as a part of Grace Church in Newmarket and, although it is now a separate entity, still shares a building with the church.

Who is eligible to attend NDCA?
We accept students of all faiths from junior kindergarten to grade 8. Although students and their families are not required to practice the Christian religion, our curriculum and school life are based on a Biblical worldview.

What is a Christian education?
All education provides a lens that students use to view the world. A Christian education makes sure that students see the world from a Biblical perspective focused on God’s Word. This applies to our academic studies as well as to how we live and interact with each other. Our primary focus is on God.

What are NDCA’s academic standards?
Focusing on God does not mean that we neglect academics! Our teachers are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and hold their students to high academic standards. We follow the Ontario curriculum for elementary schools, so our students will start high school at the same academic level as students who went to public school. Our curriculum includes special instruction in French, physical education, music, and art.

What extracurricular activities are available?
We believe that a well-rounded education is more than just classroom work. NDCA has several sports teams including volleyball, basketball, and cross country. We also offer other activities such as French club, chess club, choir, and band.

Is financial aid available?
Yes, there is a bursary available to qualifying families. Please inquire at the office for more information.